Centipede Board Game Atari 2600 Edition Exclusive

Centipede Board Game Atari 2600 Edition Exclusive

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Centipede Board Game ThinkGeek Exclusive Atari 2600 Edition

Wandering into an enchanted forest, a wayward garden gnome finds himself surrounded by succulent mushrooms, but those mushrooms aren't alone! And now you're wondering, have you wandered into a board game, or a classic video game? Why can't it be both?

In this analog version of the Atari 2600 classic Centipede, 2 or 4 players face off - one side representing the curious Gnome looking to defeat the Centipede, and the other side controlling the wiggly Centipede in an attempt to destroy the Gnome. The Gnome player(s) roll the dice to perform actions, while the centipede player(s) try to take control of the game board by spawning fleas, spiders, and mushrooms from a card deck. The first side to eliminate their opponent wins!

Product Features:

  • Officially licensed Atari game
  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 12 and up
  • Approx. 30-45 minute playtime
  • ThinkGeek exclusive featuring classic Atari 2600 box art

Box Contents:

  • Twenty-two (22) Centipede cards (2 decks of 11 cards)
  • Two (2) exclusive Monkey Gnome control cards
  • Seven (7) Gnome control cards
  • One (1) Dice pool card
  • One (1) Creature speed card
  • Twelve (12) Centipede segments (2 sets of 6)
  • Four (4) exclusive Monkey Gnome tokens (2 each of 2 colors)
  • Thirty (30) Mushroom tokens
  • Three (3) Flea tokens
  • Three (3) Spider tokens
  • Six (6) Gnome dice
  • Exclusive Centipede pin
  • Game board
  • Sticker sheet
  • Rulebook